Vacancy - 40 hours

PhD Data-Driven Design & Cardiology

Research with impact @ TU Delft Industrial Design Engineering

TU Delft Industrial Design Engineering - CardioLab
Delft and Eindhoven, Netherlands

A position is available for a PhD Candidate at the TU Delft Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) Faculty in the area of data-driven design methodologies. The candidate will be located in the Cardiolab, one of the design labs in Delft. Delft Design labs are initiatives in which TU Delft students, researchers and practitioners collaboratively develop new designs, knowledge, and skills in a particular context (e.g. cardiology). The partners of the Cardiolab are Philips Design, De Hartstichting and the IDE faculty of the TU Delft. Cardiolab is a programme of strategic design research and innovation projects. The aim of these innovation projects is to develop strategic concepts for prevention and integrated care for cardiovascular diseases. The projects run by the Cardiolab rely on smart solutions that are based on new technologies for data collection, analysis, transfer, and feedback. These technologies will allow systems to capture and interpret data from the users and their context. Implementing these technologies in the field of cardiology introduces a number of challenges for designers. Designers have little experience with the design of smart systems and the (big) data generated by smart systems, for example. Moreover, it is unknown how big data could complement more qualitative use data that designers normally use during design processes. The PhD project aims to solve these challenges by developing new design competencies - based on new capabilities, tools, and methods - that support design activities for smart, integrated solutions. To develop such new competencies, the PhD researcher will use a ‘research-through-design’ methodology, meaning that s/he will be designing actual concepts within the Cardiolab. From reflections on the approach taken, the PhD researcher will learn which new competencies are needed, within the context of cardiovascular disease and its prevention. 

Due to a technical problem it is currently not possible to apply for this internship and to get more information via the “apply” button. Therefore, you can send an email to young@medicaldelta.nl for more information about this internship and application.