13 Dec 2018

Data driven health lab seminar

Erasmus MC Rotterdam Collegezaal 2

December 13, 2018
09:00 AM Start time - 05:00 PM End time
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Erasmus-MC initiates a must attend Data driven health lab seminar on December 13 at their facilities in Rotterdam. This seminar will be the kick-off to drive the data driven health lab and understand the needs to deliver this service in the future across our multiple stakeholders.

Prof. Hofstra (Head of the  Department of Clinical Genetics Erasmus-MC) will open the full-day seminar. During the day a high-quality lecture program will give you insights and practical information how to prepare for the journey to create a data driven lab with the health clients in mind. Medical Delta professor Wiro Niessen (Biomedical image analysis) will be among the keynote speakers. Erik van Oorschot, programme manager at Medical Delta, joins the panel discussion in the afternoon. Full program here.
The organizers expect detailed workshops and follow up congresses for knowledge sharing as a result of this event.
The event is meant for everybody who wants to contribute to the data driven health lab community including:
  • Genetics, Pathology, Radiology diagnostic and research/discovery professionals
  • Management teams
  • Data experts
  • Consumers of the scientific data in Research, Industry and Discovery departments.
  • Instrument and data service providers