22 Nov 2018

Medical Delta Café - Healthcare Innovations | How to get to the finish line

Venture Café | Groot Handelsgebouw Rotterdam | 4th Floor

November 22, 2018
03:00 PM Start time - 06:00 PM End time
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‘Technological solutions for sustainable healthcare - from molecule to reimbursement’: Medical Delta’s mission comprises the entire innovation journey.

However, on this long and challenging road several hurdles often turn out to be too high. As a consequence, promising medical innovations don’t always make it all the way to the finish line. 

How come? And what can researchers and companies do themselves to increase the chances that their future innovations eventually turn into actual healthcare solutions, embraced by doctors, healthcare institutions, policy makers and, of course, patients? At this Medical Delta Café, we will look into these questions, together with experts and based on recognisable examples from everyday practice.

  • Antoinette de Bont, professor in sociology of innovation in healthcare (Erasmus University), will present the hurdles and point out what researchers and companies can contribute themselves to eventually cross the finish line.
  • Rudolf Scholte, Quantib founder/COO, will show us the hurdles of a start-up on its route from science to business. Which hurdles have they come across and what can you do to attack them?
  • Jenny Dankelman, Medical Delta professor at Delft University of Technology & LUMC, and Tim Horeman, assistant professor sustainable surgery at Delft University of Technology and owner of Horeman Holdings Group (Surge-on Medical, MediShield, Tulipa Medical Technologies, SuperSeton). Both are involved in projects in the Living Lab Medical Delta Instruments, and will talk about the complex road from idea to prototype and the first preclinical tests.

Do you encounter similar hurdles or completely different ones? Join the discussion and let’s find out what we can do and achieve together!


15:00 - 15:30 Registration
15:30 - 15:45 Welcome
by Gertine van der Vliet, Managing Director Medical Delta
by moderator Esther Thole, science journalist
15:45 - 16:30 Antoinette de Bont, Professor in sociology of innovation in healthcare (Erasmus University)
  Rudolf Scholte, Quantib founder/COO
  Jenny Dankelman, Medical Delta professor (Delft University of Technology & LUMC) and involved in the   Living Lab Medical Delta Instruments and Tim Horeman, Delft University of Technology and Horeman Holdings Group
16:30 - 16:50 Panel Discussion
16:50 Wrap-up
17:00 Drinks @the Café
  Continuation Programma
Venture Café Rotterdam

Venture Café Rotterdam

Following our discussion, we are very pleased to welcome you at the weekly Venture Café Thursday Gathering, the place to be in Rotterdam to connect start-ups, scale-ups and young talent with corporates, government and investors in order to stimulate growth. Next to meeting the Medical Delta network, you are more than welcome to join the Venture Café programme Innovation & Academics, continuing until 8PM.

Health, Well-being and Food will be the central theme in November, and therefore Medical Delta gladly co-operates with this initiative.

Medical Delta Talent Pool

We are proud to present two award-winning iGEM teams from the Medical Delta region: ADOPE from Delft University of Technology as well as Fifty Shades of Stress from Leiden University, who just came back from the iGEM 2018 Giant Jamboree in Boston. Meet them at the Café and get to know everything about their respective projects and their experiences at the Jamboree.

Also, representatives of the YOUNG Medical Delta board will be available to inform you on their recent and upcoming activities.