22 Jan 2018

Symposium: Education and Business in life sciences for startups and biomedical professionals

CHDR Zernikedreef 8 Leiden Bio Science Park

January 22, 2018
02:00 PM Start time - 05:30 PM End time
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Ambitious biomedical professionals who want to boost their careers and broaden their expertise in science & entrepreneurship are recommended to attend this event. In collaboration with HollandBIO and Centre for Human Drug Research (CHDR), Paul Janssen Futurelab Leiden (PJFL) presents a short symposium on education and training.


14:00 - 14:20  Walk in
14:20 - 16:00 Adam Cohen (CEO CHDR)
Why we need better educated biomedical scientists for the development of novel medical interventions

Marcel Kenter (Director PJFL)
How do we educate graduated biomedical scientists? Blended courses with real-world case studies

Chrétien Herben (Valorisation Manager Health Holland)
Venture Challenge: Building your Life Sciences business

Haifen Hu (Director Hyphen) BioBusiness Summer School & Business Development Program - Facilitating the transition from science to business

Saco de Visser (Head of Education PJFL)
A novel non-linear approach for clinical development
16:00 - 16:30 Panel discussion with alumni from the trainingsprograms
16:30 - 17:30  Drinks