04 Dec 2017

EIT Health partners visit Medical Delta Living Labs

On November 23, a meeting on self-assesment for Living Labs was organised in Rotterdam by the EIT 'Health Living Labs and TestBeds' project.

Karen Willems from Imec presented the outlines for this self-assesment based on 9 criteria. Cecilia Vera Muñoz and Beatriz Merino from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Hervé Michel from the MADoPA Expert Centre and living lab in Rosières, France, attended on behalf of their respective living labs. Together with stakeholders from the Medical Delta Living Labs a lively discussion was held to improve the self-assesment.

The next day, the foreign guests visited two Medical Delta Living Labs. Erwin de Vlugt welcomed the visitors at the Innovation Centre of Rijndam Rehabilitation Centre in Rotterdam. Rian Rijnsburger and Linda van der Windt from Medical Delta Living Labs explained about the Medical Delta involvement. Two main issues were addressed at Rijndam: the approach of the Medical Delta Living Lab Care Robotics and RehabilitationTechnology in general and a specific showcase project. In the general approach, emphasis was laid on the ecosystem in which the Living Lab functions, as well as on economic aspects and technology. During the showcase project pitch about WheelActiv8, the do's and don'ts on several levels were addressed in a practical manner. Mirjam van Rijn also clarified the effect of patient involvement to develop the best product.

After a transfer to The Hague, the visit continued at the Sophia Rehabilitation SmartLab. Sander Houdijk welcomed his guests and introduced the activities. He also explained the Smartlab in relation to the Living Lab. Chris Wallner clarified the role of the University of Applied Sciences of The Hague and how it connects research and education. Then it was Sander Houdijk's turn again. Together with three students he went into two projects, the Re-Mind showcase project and the new project ‘eHealth kookhulp’ to conclude the programme. The students showed a movie, posters and the total process of product development.