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The goal of YOUNG Medical Delta is to create a platform for students, young researchers and young professionals who are at the starting point of their career in life sciences, health and technology.

Participating associations

Board 2018-2019


Thijs Verheul


Julia Holdorp


Flip Kor

Hacking Health / vice-voorzitter

Sebastian van der Voort

WeLink / vice-voorzitter

Otto Mulleners

Partnerships / PR

Emilie Gaillard and Teun Schurink


Demi van den Blink


Hacking Health Leiden

Dutch Hacking Health is being organised in the weekend of 20-22 april in 5 cities at once; Groningen, Maastricht, Nijmegen Utrecht, and Leiden. This hackathon is based on a Canadian concept in which the fields of technology, design, entrepreneurship, health- and patient care are combined.  This year, for the first time, YOUNG Medical Delta will organise the weekend in Leiden. The goal of Hacking Health is to renew healthcare by connecting individuals. Doctors, patients, students and other interested parties will team up to to think of relevant solutions for multiple problems that will be presented. Keep an eye on our website for more information and registration

Hacking health team

The organising committee consists of Anne Reiff, Jiska Pols, Jasper Sijberden, Tim Bruijns, Oscar Ibsen and Kiki Hogenhuis. For comments, ideas or collaboration, feel free to contact YOUNG Medical Delta.