The goal of YOUNG Medical Delta is to create a platform for students, young researchers and young professionals who are at the starting point of their career in life sciences, health and technology.

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Hacking Health Leiden

In the weekend of 20-22 april over 500 people gathered for the Dutch Hacking Health at 7 locations in the Netherlands to team up and work on relevant solutions for acute problems and challenges for the professional care providers and end users. At each location winners were nominated for the national final. The final will take place on the 14th of May at the UMC Utrecht.

The winners of Hacking Health Leiden

Ergofill | winner best business case
The winning team of Hacking Health Leiden is Ergofill.
Ergofill, a kind of reversed kit sprayer, facilitates the action of a liquid in an (infusion) syringe. Daan van Vrede, Patrick Sengalrayan, Joost Alkemade, Willem de Graaf, Pieter van Altena en Lars Puiman are nominated to pitch their innovation at the final hackathon for the national Dutch Hacking Health award 2018.

Medspresso | winner best innovation
The most patient centered concept was Medspresso, a device that prepares medication for patients with cystic fibrosis.
Bernd Rietberg, Jasper Dijkema, Bas-Peter Dijkema, Martijn Huizinga and Jan Aart Schipper.

Praatjesmakers | winner Hubspot Impact prijs
The most impactful concept was a device that enables senior citizens to watch TV together, thus connecting them and fighting loneliness.
Rob Paludamus, Michel Koudijs, Anna Pelgrim, Joren Verhoog en Jeroen Kloeke.

Medical Delta will support the above teams to help them bring their innovations a step further.

Hacking health team

The Leiden Hacking Health 2018 was organised by YOUNG Medical Delta. The organising committee consisted of Anne Reiff, Jiska Pols, Jasper Sijberden, Tim Bruijns, Oscar Ibsen and Kiki Hogenhuis.

Dutch Hacking Health

The hackathon is based on a Canadian concept in which the fields of technology, design, entrepreneurship, health- and patient care are combined. The goal of Hacking Health is to renew healthcare by connecting individuals. Doctors, patients, students and other interested parties team up to to think of relevant solutions for multiple problems that will be presented.