Tech Talk: Single Cell


Plus Ultra Leiden Kadans, Galileiweg 8, 2333 BD Leiden

15.15 - 18.15 hours

Single Cell Network Leiden (scNL) brings together researchers interested in single-cell experimental and computational methods, as well as in their application to tackle biological and clinical questions. We aim to provide a platform to exchange experiences, to connect researchers with complementary expertise, and to strengthen the single cell community in Leiden.

In this TechTalk, we will present some exciting developments in the single-cell field covering the three pillars of scNL (technology, computation, and application). The program includes academic speakers from Leiden University and the Leiden University Medical Center as well as speakers from companies employing single-cell technologies in their workflow. We hope to show the strength of single-cell technologies in Leiden and promote new interactions among different parties with complementary expertise.


15.15 Walk in - registration

15.30 Start program with 6 different speakers

17.15 Start network event with drinks & bites and the possibility for roundtable discussions

18.15 End Tech Talk

This event is organised by LBSP Foundation

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