21 Jun 2019

European Cooperation on Healthcare

Forumzaal, Campus Woudestein Erasmus University Rotterdam

June 21, 2019
09:45 AM Start time - 06:00 PM End time
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Because cross-border collaboration is crucial in research but not always easy (as illustrated by the imminent Brexit) Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management (ESHPM) will be hosting a one day event on European cooperation on healthcare.

On Friday June 21st 2019 the following speakers will share their expertise and discuss potential challenges:

  • Zoltan Kalo: Is there a fair allocation of healthcare research funds by the European Union?
  • Ines Hernando: Patient and health professional engagement in European cooperation
  • Barbara Pierscionek: Ethico-legal challenges for European cooperation.
  • Ron de Winter: Combatting multidrug bacterial resistance in a European public-private partnership (COMBACTE project)
  • Marcus Guardian: Will speak on behalf of EUnethta
  • Jorge Gonzalez: The inDemand model: Faster and easier demand-driven co-creation in Health
  • Carin Uyl-de Groot: Sustainability and affordability of innovative drugs at stake: cross-border solutions necessary


More information on the website of Erasmus University Rotterdam.