05 Dec 2016

Ninety new postdoc positions available in Medical Delta region

  • TU Delft
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Erasmus MC
  • Leiden University Medical Center
  • Leiden University

The three universities (TU Delft, Leiden University and Erasmus University Rotterdam) and two medical centres (Leiden University Medical Center and Erasmus MC) – all Medical Delta core partners – are making 90 new postdoctoral fellowships available to young scientists.

The heads of the three universities and the two medical centres signed a consortium agreement on 5 December to set up what will be called the “LEaDing Fellows” postdoctoral programme. The programme will be funded by an EU grant of €6.3 million from the Marie Curie COFUND programme, which is designed to stimulate the international mobility of young scientists.


The postdoc positions are being offered in a wide range of disciplines. For many years, the five institutions have been working closely together in many different fields (in science and technology, and at the interface of medicine and technology, for example). In particular, the medical/technological consortium Medical Delta was set up here ten years ago, and four years ago the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus alliance was established to tackle other complex societal matters as well.

As a result of this long tradition of collaboration, the new postdocs will find themselves in an ideal multidisciplinary environment. They will be able to work easily together with research groups in any of the universities or find an appropriate niche in one of the centres in the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus alliance or in the Medical Delta network.


The five institutions also work closely together with industry and the public sector in the province of South Holland, which is economically one of the most dynamic regions in Europe. The LEaDing Fellows Programme offers young scientists a unique chance to profit from this environment.

The first call for proposals will go out in February 2017, and candidates will be invited to submit a project proposal to one of the five institutions. The closing date will be 31 March 2017. Twenty positions will be awarded in this first round. Two further calls for applications will follow. The whole programme will run until February 2022. The LEaDing Fellows Programme is organised by TU Delft. More information is available at www.leadingfellows.eu.

University and MC heads sign agreement for LEaDing Fellows Programme:
(L to R) Carel Stolker (Leiden University), Karel Luyben (TU Delft), Huibert Pols (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Jaap Verweij (Erasmus MC) and Jacqueline Ton (Leiden University Medical Center), standing in for Pancras Hogendoorn.