07 Mar 2018

Study Association LIFE S.A. | Support Master Study Trip 2019

LIFE is the study association for students of Life Science and Technology from Leiden University and Delft University of Technology. Every two years S.A. LIFE organizes a master study trip.

In July 2019 we will be heading to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur with 29 students. To fund this educational trip we organize collaborations to set up every student participant with a case study at a company or institution.

All participants of the master trip are students from the Life Science & Technology master in either Leiden or Delft. The participants have a very broad knowledge in their area and are thus able to work on a wide variety of case studies. At the Delft University of Technology the master is focused on microbiology and bioprocess engineering, while at Leiden University the focus is more oriented towards biochemistry and genetics.

In General

The main collaboration with companies is via a case study. However, we also try to bring students into contact with companies in other ways. Advantages for you to collaborate with us:

  • If you offer a case study you will get to hire an (almost) academically qualified employee for 80 hours at a rate of 20 euro per hour;
  • Raise awareness of your company at relevant, other companies, as your company will be promoted in our presentations at companies and universities we visit during the trip and in the review of the trip;
  • The opportunity to present yourself to students of Life Science & Technology as a potential employer.

As a company you can choose from the group of participants yourself, you will then receive the CVs of the interested students to choose from. Or if wanted, we can assign a student to the project that we think will be a good match.

Case Study

The case study consists of 80 hours of work, for which we ask 20 euro per hour, this sums up to 1600 euro. Examples of previous case studies are lined up below:

Example 1
Two participants have worked on modeling the interaction of an enzyme and ligand for several weeks. One of the final results was an animation of molecular interactions. These students were selected on their specific set of courses and interests.

Example 2
A student did a literature study for a large company. The basis was researching the recycling of natural resources within the framework of a big project.

Example 3
Two students did a marketing research on the public opinion on biofuels in California, which was the destination of that years master study trip. These participants were selected on their social engagement.

Other Collaborations

For the following collaborations the compensation can be determined in further agreement.

Lecture: With a lecture you get the chance to present your company at our location with a presentation or workshop. This event can be combined with for example a lunch or drinks.

In-houseday: Organizing an in-house day is an opportunity for the company to show master students what it might be like to work at your company. During our visit we can work on a case or have a discussion for example. We will visit with a group of 25-30 selected master students.

For more information contact:

Study Association for students of Life Science & Technology
Elien Versteegen