AAL Info Day 2021



10:00 - 12:15

Are you interested in developing a solution for ageing well in a digital world and getting funded by the AAL Programme? The event will be taking place along two days (27-28 January 2021). The first day will be dedicated to the presentation of the call text, while the second one will be dedicated to the project ideas pitching and the networking.

The event is open to anybody interested to know more about the next Call, ongoing projects and hear about proposals being prepared. Moreover, you will be able to hear from representatives of the European Commission, the AAL Programme and AAL member states.

The Info Day is an opportunity not to be missed, especially if it is the first time you apply and you want to get handy practical information on the how-to, but also if you are not a first-timer and you want to hear some interesting project ideas to collaborate on.


Day 1 – 27/01/2021

10:00 Opening by moderator – Klaus Niederländer– Director, AAL Central Management Unit 
10:05 Welcome words and future of the AAL Programme - Alain Thielemans - Vice-President of the
AAL Association
10:15 Introduction to 2021 AAL Call – Marco Carulli – AAL Programme Operations Manager
10:40 Q&A
11:00 Inspiring talk focused on Healthy ageing  and digital transformation - Vânia de la Fuente-Nuñez
- World Health Organization
11:15 Presentation of best practices from projects on coping with Covid 19 (results from the analysis
carried out with project coordinators) - Rik Wisselink, ZONMW
11:25 Examples of successful projects supporting end users in the Covid 19 pandemics 
TESSA – Wang long Li , Tinybots
CARU - Susanne Dröscher, Caru
11:45 AAL2Business – experience from a participant – Marco Franchin, Meta Group and Cristoph 
Stahl, LIST 
12:00 Ageing well – related initiatives and projects in Horizon 2020 -  Birgit Morlion, European
Commission, DG CNECT
12:15 Closing
Day 2 – 28/01/2021
10:00 Pitches of project ideas 
11:15 End of the session

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