Designing for healthcare: Health~Holland digital meet-up



16:00h - 17:30h

In the field of Creative Designing for Healthcare, two Dutch Topsectors meet Life Sciences and Health, and Creative industries. More and more Healthcare organisations are discovering the added value of creative design to address the many challenges they face. On the other hand, when designing for this complex domain, the creative industry need access to medical professionals. The interface between these sectors is an interesting one when it comes down to the current transition in healthcare.

So, are you looking to learn more about the latest international developments in this domain? Would you like to expand your network? And would you like to learn more about a cross-country collaboration between creative companies in Amsterdam and Munich on the subject of ‘Cities of Things’?

Then please sign up for this (free) Digital meet-up which will be on December 20th, 2021, from 16:00 – 17:30h. (CET) 

What to expect

  • Inspirational presentations regarding the intersection between Life Sciences & Health and the Creative Industries, its international opportunities, challenges and long-term perspective.
  • Learn about the top reasons why the Creative Industries can be of value for the Dutch LSH sector, also abroad.
  • Get to know more about the cross-country ‘Cities of Things approach’ in Amsterdam and Munich, focused on the collaborative development of innovations in co-creation with local neighbourhoods.
  • Also, learn about how to boost your international strategy.
  • Digital networking with in-market experts, fellow creative entrepreneurs and ecosystem partners sharing their experiences on working for the LSH sector.


  • Welcome & Opening
    By Micha van Lin (Director Task Force Health Care)  
  • Towards an International Strategy to boost your business
    By Micha van Lin (Director Task Force Health Care) 
  • Introduction Topsector Creative Industries
    By Carina Weijma, Business Development Creative Industry, Germany 
  • Designing for Healthcare – Experiences by Dutch companies active in this domain sharing their journey and lessons learned
    By Martine van Bennekom & Gunter Sandino – Delfland and CLeVR
    By Margret Huenerbein – Billihome
    By Marleen van Bergeijk – Dutch Design Foundation, and Embassy of Health
  • Virtual networking 

After this digital meet-up, you will have strengthened your...

  • … knowledge on the latest developments relevant for the intersection between health and creative design
  • … knowledge on international opportunities and becoming active internationally
  • … knowledge on available support and upcoming activities
  • … network of fellow Dutch organizations and entrepreneurs active in the creative design for healthcare.  

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