Recruitment - Building Your Team as the Foundation of Success



15:30 - 17:00

To help bring your innovation to patients and hopefully make a difference in their lives, you’ll need to build and retain a stellar team. It can be an essential ingredient in the mix together with your patented disruptive invention and the funding you acquired. While you can hire consultants and outsource many tasks, most life sciences companies are looking to expand beyond their founding team and recruit their own employees at some point in the company’s development.

But how do you position yourself as an attractive employer? How can you be competitive when talent is scarce? And how can you retain talent you’ve hired?

During this webinar we will be joined by a keynote speaker from Johnson & Johnson Innovation - JLABS Resource Hub member Randstad, experts in recruitment and employment. They will share the latest insights from the current labor market. For instance, they’ll touch upon how the pandemic and “the great resignation” have influenced recruitment. They’ll also discuss current expectations of employees in their professional development.

After the keynote presentation we will be joined by different stakeholders, including experienced life sciences entrepreneurs, who will share their insights and experiences. They will discuss considerations in building a team that fits a company’s development strategy and company culture in different phases of growth.

With this webinar we aim to give life sciences entrepreneurs valuable insights into developing their own recruitment strategy.

Johnson & Johnson Innovation organises two webinars for entrepreneurs and innovators: this webinar on Recruitment will be the first; the second webinar will be on Outsourcing



15:30 CET Introduction by Johnson & Johnson Innovation

Elena Fernandez-Kleinlein | Head of JLABS EMEA, Johnson & Johnson Innovation


15:40 CET The Current Recruitment Landscape

Nils Hansen | Manager Marketing Campaigns & Consulting, Randstad


16:00 CET Panel Discussion

Nils Hansen | Manager Marketing Campaigns & Consulting, Randstad

Jonathan Ward | CEO & Co-Founder, Genome Biologics

Manon Lejeune | Operations Assistant, Gabi Smartcare

Aidan O’Connor | EMEA Talent Acquisition Attraction Lead, Johnson & Johnson

Ida Haisma | Director, Leiden Bio Science Park Foundation (Moderator)


16:45 CET Audience Q&A


17:00 CET Event Close

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