Cambridge Innovation Center, Rotterdam

17.00 - 20.00 uur

Rotterdam Venture Café: Economic Opportunities and Challenges in Health & Care in the Netherlands

The Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector is a top priority for the Netherlands, and business opportunities in the field are growing exponentially. This is due to several factors: the EMA’s move to the Netherlands, the launch of a new national action program and a developing relationship with Boston’s Life Sciences & Health sector.
In addition, in 2018 the Dutch Cabinet established a mission-driven top sector and innovation policy with 4 Life Sciences & Health missions to tackle societal challenges.

Connect with key players that drive our growing LSH sector

This Life Sciences & Health event will provide an unrivaled opportunity for the sector’s leaders and government officials to come together to share insights and network. It will also offer the chance to be part of the renewed international marketing positioning of the Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector.

Register today to secure your place at this unique event

At the event, you can connect to leading members of the Dutch Life Sciences & Health community. Speakers include Amgen, Alnylam and BSI Group. The seminar will take place at the CIC Venture Café in Rotterdam. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with industry leaders and celebrate the award winners! Click here to register.

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