Symposium Rewarding Healthy Behavior Change: Theoretical Insights and Practical Applications



15.00 - 18.15

Rewarding healthy behavior change is a key factor that can improve adherence to a healthy lifestyle and improve health outcomes. This symposium, organized by Leiden University, aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice by sharing both academic and industry insights.

The invited speakers will share their knowledge and experience on tailoring financial incentives to individual needs and using financial incentives as commitment devices. Furthermore, they will discuss whether financial incentives can be more effective when participants' own money is at stake and whether it is a good idea to use financial incentives to promote uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine.


15.00-15.15 - Opening of symposium Andrea Evers/Jamie Rosen/David de Buisonje

Theme 1: Tailoring of financial incentives

15.15-15.29 - Stefan Lipman (Erasmus University, Rotterdam)
One size fits all? Self-tail oring of hypothetical financial incentives to individual preferences

15.34-15.46 - Nienke Boderie (Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam)
Practical implementation of PERSonalised Incentives for Supporting Tobacco cessation, experiences from the PERSIST trail

Theme 2: Improving COVID-19 vaccination uptake

15.55-16.07 - Noel Brewer (University of North Carolina)
What works to increase vaccination uptake?

16.12-16.24 - Gale Burstein (Department of Health, Erie County, New York)
Creative approaches to increasing COVID-19 Vaccination uptake

Theme 3: Financial incentives as commitment devices

16.47-16.59 - Koen van der Swaluw (RIVM, Bilthoven)
Commitment lotteries for gym attendance and smoking cessation at the workplace

17.04-17.16 - Jeroen Kemperman (Zilveren Kruis Achmea, Leiden)
Nudging and rewards for behavior change & losing weight with a precommitment

Theme 4: Deposit contract financial incentives

17.25-17.37 - David de Buisonje (Leiden University)
Theoretical and practical advantages of deposit contracts & results of several field experiments

17.42-17.54 - Jamie Rosen (WayBetter, New York)
Lessons learned from developing and implementing StepBet

18.01-18.15 Closing of symposium

Full program: click here

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