TOPX Summit - The Platform for ambitious women in Life Sciences



09.00 - 18.00

The programme of TOPX Summit is organised by and for ambitious women in Life Sciences. It will feature inspiring, strong and successful female professionals who are willing to share their successes, struggles, challenges and lessons learned.

We will also host panel discussions with Life Sciences organisations to fuel the transition to more inclusive and diverse leadership teams. The programme includes workshops and sessions focused on improving important soft skills and gaining insight into one’s own pitfalls and how to overcome them. The setting will create an intimate atmosphere in which women feel encouraged to discuss topics and ask questions that are very relatable to female professionals.

TOPX Summit welcomes about 200 to 300 professionals. The first day is open to the general public (male and female) and features keynotes, panel discussions, motivational speakers and interactive break-out sessions. TOPX especially welcomes men to join the discussion on the first day, because change does not happen without them. The second day is only for female professionals and includes workshops, expert sessions and group discussions. The women get the chance to deep-dive more into the aspects and soft skills needed to get to the top.

TOPX Summit offers:

  • A unique platform to empower and develop female talent in Life Sciences
  • A great opportunity to make new connections or build on existing ones
  • Possibilities for organisations to share and learn from best practices in the field of diversity & inclusion approached in Health & Life Sciences
  • An inspirational and insightful personal empowerment programme including workshops, panel discussions and networking activities.

TOPX Network

The organiser of the summit is TOPX Network - the platform for ambitious women in Life Sciences. TOPX Network aims to create a unique and valuable network for women in leadership roles or with leadership ambitions. The mission of TOPX is to support and encourage women in their personal growth and development and empower them to reach the top of their career and the top in the sector. When you become a TOPX member, you will receive a €200 discount on your TOPX Summit ticket.

Join the first TOPX Summit on 22-23 September 2021 for a unique programme that supports and empowers female professionals to take on leadership roles, build on valuable connections, and make it to the top of the Health & Life Science industry. 

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