World of Healthcare 2020



08.30 - 19.00 u

Explore worldwide healthcare developments, challenges and solutions at the World of Health Care congresstival, where you will feel inspired through dialogue and facilitated networking activities. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with international delegates working at the forefront of the health sector, including decision-makers from different tiers of government, and Dutch Life Sciences & Health professionals from the private sector, NGO’s, and knowledge institutes.

Themes 2020

Health systems around the world are struggling with ageing populations, the rising prevalence of chronic diseases and the continuous search towards improved quality, access, and affordability. The coronavirus outbreak posed additional challenges to health systems and its stakeholders. Challenges for which smart solutions had to be designed, but also accelerated the implementation of already existing smart solutions.​

During the World of Health Care, we will focus on how we approach the future of health care, including recent lessons from COVID-19, within three key themes:

Healthy ageing & Senior care​
Digital transformation: Smart systems & hospitals​
Network care: The right care at the right Place & time

What to expect?​

12 hours of networking! This year, a 2-day virtual event in timeslots that accommodate our invited decision-makers in health from over 15 countries in different time zones. Both days have a morning and an afternoon session. Together we connect, share knowledge and discuss solutions and partnerships to improve healthcare worldwide. Expect expert sessions, panel discussion, live round table talks and 1-on-1 matchmaking.

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