Postdoctoral Fellow in Regenerative Medicine (full time)

Job description

Patients with degenerative diseases like osteoarthritis or chronic liver failure could greatly benefit from new treatments options provided by regenerative medicine. The Medical Delta program “Regenerative Medicine 4D” aims to generating complex tissues with stem cells and printing technology. It focuses on the development of new treatments to repair or regenerate diseased tissues and organs, such as cartilage, bone or liver, to restore function and improve patients’ quality of life. 4D printing is a new technology developed at TU Delft. For instance, flat (2D) surfaces can fold into 3D objects over time when stimulated by pH, light, temperature or cells – reminiscent of origami. This technique will be used to create complex tissue constructs to direct cell behavior. Using this advanced technology together with organoid and stem cell technology, researchers will build in vitro micro-tissues. By constructing complex multicellular tissues this can mimic a disease as precisely as possible in a laboratory environment. You will be working at two member institutes of the Medical Delta: the Delft University of Technology and the Erasmus MC, University Medical Center Rotterdam.

Qualifications and skills

PhD in the area of bioengineering, biomedical science, medical technology or biology with physics component. Experience with organ-on-a-chip technology, disease modeling, bioprinting or hydrogels, and experience with cell culture is highly preferred. Knowledge in the field of liver or other visceral organs is a preferred. The candidate should have a strong affinity with multidisciplinary research, and excellent communication and team work skills to be able to function in two locations. A good publication record and very good writing skills are required and experience with (student) supervision is preferred .Being able to present a certificate of good conduct is a condition for the appointment.

Information and application

For more information about this position, please contact the project leaders at Delft University of Technology: Prof. dr. Amir Zadpoor (+31 15 27 81021; or at Erasmus MC: Prof. dr. Luc van der Laan, +31 10 703 7557; Applications can be send by email to Please include your CV.

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