Course: Prime time for precision diagnostics driven by unmet clinical needs


Rijnsburgerweg 10, 2333 AA Leiden. Building: LUMC Poortgebouw Zuid

09.30 - 16.45

How do laboratory specialists and medical laboratories contribute to better patient outcome and more effective treatment? During this symposium we define health and disease at a molecular level on the basis of Clinical Proteomics. The potential of precision diagnostics is also examined. Do you want to know more? Please register timely via the registration link: 

Clinical evidence
To contribute to patient care in an efficient and effective way, it is important to rationalize the clinical needs. We will address the clinical needs question during the symposium. In addition to this, we will discuss the positioning of medical tests in clinical care pathways and to the generation of clinical evidence. Another important objective of the symposium is to bring clinical chemistry laboratory specialists together with other stakeholders of the biomarker - medical test pipeline.

Learning objectives:

  • Applying a structured questionnaire for identifying unmet clinical needs in laboratory medicine, in line with 21st century precision medicine demands;
  • Demonstrating (multiplex) test selection and deducing future clinical pathways based on unmet needs;
  • Guiding test evaluation according to the EFLM Test Evaluation framework;
  • Demonstrating young trainees in laboratory medicine how to develop medical leadership skills in focus areas of innovation, enabling technology and/or data science.
  • Identifying a feasible role as end-user in the biomarker-test development pipeline, in line with the abilities in your hospital setting
  • Developing network skills for collaboration between clinicians, laboratory professionals, IVD-industry and basic scientists.

Intended target population:

  • Laboratory Specialist Trainees in Clinical Chemistry and Hematology
  • Laboratory Specialists in Clinical Chemistry and Hematology
  • Translational Researchers, clinicians and IVD-manufacturers interested and involved in the biomarker-test pipeline
  • Pathologists
  • Urologists
  • Nephrologists
  • Oncologists
  • Clinical Geneticists

The symposium is a collaboration between Boerhaave Continuing Medical Education and the Department of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine of the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC). The lectures will be given by renowned speakers in the field of Test Evaluation, Test Standardization and Clinical Proteomics.

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