NeLL Symposium on Digital Health & Care 2021



09:00 - 16:35 hours

After a very successful first edition of the international digital symposium on digital health & care, organized by the National eHealth Living Lab (NeLL) and LUMC Campus The Hague the second edition will be held on the 26th of November 2021.

This international symposium will contribute to the development of tomorrow’s health and care. We like to invite you to get inspired, to participate in discussions and share your ideas. This digital event will allow you to meet new people, broaden your network and connect; all with the same goal: improving healthcare. Together we share knowledge to empower the patient. Committed to create sustainable, inclusive, and patient centered care through the use of (blended) digital health and co-creation. This year we will focus on the development of futureproof healthcare models.

NeLL and LUMC Campus The Hague aim to connect (healthcare)professionals, academics, students and start-ups from all over the world to share ideas, insights and experiences, to work together on the world-wide adoption of smarter, better, inclusive, and digital person centered health and care.

This year's program

We are very proud to introduce the following keynote speakers:
Jeroen Struijs, Associate professor at LUMC and RIVM
Tanja Weber Nordseth, Chief Digital Officer at Unilabs
Carlijn de Ruijter,  Board member at Máxima MC
Bryant Lin, Clinical associate professor of medicine at Stanford University

Chair(wo)men of the day is journalist Eva de Valk.

Besides inspirational talks, and a provocative panel discussion a variety of interactive breakout sessions will be hosted.

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