Webinar: The potential gains & legal constraints of using data



10:00 - 11.30

Usage of real life data with the help of machine learning is a field with a fast growing impact. Nowadays data is often called the new oil. The potential of real life data in more precise diagnostics and treatment, for drug discovery and even for policy development is huge. However, due to the vulnerable position of data in the healthcare domain, legal hurdles need to be taken in order to fulfill its promise.

In the CBS microdata environment many sources are brought together with information on individuals in the Netherlands. Ranging from tax information to healthcare costs. This data is pseudomised to make analyses possible within the boundaries of privacy. As a user you can also add data on individual to this environment and connect them to the rich CBS environment (after pseudonimisation). Through analysis of these datasets it is possible to create a better foundation to determine municipal policies or how to optimize care over the different sectors (curative, long term, ..).

During this workshop ahti (one of the CBS microdata organisations) will explain what the potential is of this approach, what results can be achieved, what the boundaries are & how and when this can be done. BG.Legal will explain the legal framework related to the handling of (healthcare/big) data and how to best make use of it.

This webinar is facilitated in English and is free of charge. 

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