Board, Supervisory Board and Team

Medical Delta is managed by board members Frank Willem Jansen and David de Glint. The board gets advised by the Scientific Council and the Social Council, and justifies their actions to the Supervisory Board. The Scientific Council is represented by Medical Delta professors, educational directors, lecturers and Young Medical Delta. 



Jansen Frank Willem 03

Prof. dr. Frank Willem Jansen

Glint De David 4067[1]

Drs. David de Glint

Supervisory Board

Prof. dr. H. (Ed) Brinksma, Chair Supervisory Board (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Prof. mr. A.T. (Annetje) Ottow (Leiden University)

M.J.G. (Ron) Bormans, M.A. (Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences)

Prof. dr. ir. T.H.J.J. (Tim) van der Hagen (TU Delft)

Prof. dr. P.C.W. (Pancras) Hogendoorn (University Medical Center Leiden)

Prof. dr. S. (Stefan) Sleijfer (Erasmus Medical Center)


Amerongen Van Lian 4061

Ir. Lian van Amerongen

Marijke Will Janssen Close

Drs. Marijke Will-Janssen

Sietse Pots 01

Drs. Sietse Pots

Santifort Marlies 03

Marlies Sandifort

Renger van Dasselaar

Renger van Dasselaar MA

Sandra Van Dijk Keuzefoto

Dr. Sandra van Dijk

Rosa Vanden Berg 4101

Dr. Rosa van den Berg

Marit Van Dijk Portret MD2

Marit van Dijk MSc

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