Young Medical Delta

Young Medical Delta connects students and young professionals who share a passion for medical technology and opens up new opportunities for them to explore.

Young Medical Delta does this by organizing its own events as well as events in collaboration with its partners. These events allow for discussion and the discovery of recent research in the field of medical technology. Through its connection with Medical Delta, Young Medical Delta is in contact with a large network of researchers who are working on the cutting-edge in their field. Young Medical Delta has contacts with participating associations from different universities, as well as the universities of applied sciences and PhD students from the different institutes that are connected to the Medical Delta. Young Medical Delta also organizes a yearly hackathon, where participants are motivated to find a solution to a problem that has been submitted from within the healthcare system. With its own events, such as symposia, Young Medical Delta presents ongoing research and allows for participants to network and find new collaboration opportunities.

Please visit Young Medical Delta's website for more information. Young Medical Delta can be followed on LinkedIn and Facebook and can be reached via mail.

Board Members

  • Nick White (Chair)
  • Anton Kooijmans (Treasurer)
  • Eline Fung Fen Chung (Secretary & External relations)
  • Merdan Durmus (General member)
  • Amar Levens (General member)
  • Renzo Scholman (PR)

Participating associations

  • Master students Biomedical Engineering & Biomechanical Design (Dispuut Antoni van Leeuwenhoek)
  • LUMC association of PhD candidates (LAP)
  • Master students and PhD candidates specialisation Industrial Design (Medisign)
  • Medical and Biomedical students Leiden (Medische Faculteit der Leidse Studenten (M.F.L.S.))
  • Medical students ErasmusMC (Medische FaculteitsVereniging Rotterdam (M.F.V.R.))
  • PhD candidates ErasmusMC (Promeras)
  • Study Association Clinical Technology (S.V.K.T. Variscopic)
  • Study Association Life Science & Technology (S.V. LIFE)
  • Study Association Nanobiology (S.V.N.B. Hooke)
  • Health Policy and Management at the Erasmus University Rotterdam (Faculty Association SHARE)¬†

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