Mission, Vision and Strategy

Medical Delta brings together three renowned universities, two university medical centers, four universities of applied sciences, governments, companies, healthcare institutions and other parties in the province of Zuid-Holland. Medical Delta started a major scientific program in 2019. Over 360 scientists are working together in fifteen different consortia on technological solutions for sustainable care. Companies, healthcare institutions, the province and major cities in the Delta are also closely involved, including through Living Labs where innovations with end users are tested in (healthcare) practice. The objective is that these research programs grow in size and achieve excellence and technological solutions for sustainable care. In doing so, Medical Delta gives an enormous boost to the life sciences & health sector in the Zuid-Holland region and in The Netherlands as a whole.

Medical Delta was founded in 2006 by the three universities (TU Delft, Leiden University and Erasmus University Rotterdam) and the two UMCs (LUMC and Erasmus MC) in the province of Zuid-Holland. Since 2016, four universities of applied sciences from the province (The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Hogeschool InHolland, Hogeschool Rotterdam and Hogeschool Leiden) joined as well.


Medical Delta wants to realize sustainable care with technological solutions. As the key player of the Health & Technology ecosystem, we want to create an impact on people, care, knowledge and the regional economy through interdisciplinary scientific research and practice-oriented Field and Living Labs. In doing so, we make healthcare better and we keep it accessible and affordable.


The average life expectancy in Europe continues to rise, and also faster. Due to aging and other factors, the demand for care will increase in the coming years, as will the care costs. At the same time, we want to live longer in good health. But there are fewer and fewer people who can provide care. All this requires a transition of healthcare. Technological innovation plays a crucial role in this, whereas it is of great importance that the technology fits in with healthcare practice. This is only possible if scientists from different disciplines work together - with each other and with end users.

Strategy Medical Delta 2019-2023

To achieve impactful technological solutions for sustainable care, the best scientists and lecturers from different disciplines work together in the Zuid Holland delta region. Clinical and social health issues form the foundation for this. We test and validate the findings in for example Living Labs and make them available in practical solutions for citizens, healthcare providers, scientists, doctors, patients, governments and companies. With the help of nine Living Labs and other initiatives we activate and accelerate sixteen scientific programs in the Medical Delta way.

The objective is that the research programs grow in size and achieve excellence and technological solutions for sustainable care. The focus is on development of academic knowledge and valorization. In doing so, Medical Delta gives an enormous boost to the life sciences & health sector in the Zuid Holland region and in the Netherlands as a whole. This also strengthens the international position of the Netherlands and the Medical Delta in particular.


In the governance model, implementation and supervision are separated. In addition, there are two advisory councils: a Scientific Council and a Social Council.

Members of the Scientific Council contribute to the creation of the Scientific Program and thus to the vision of Medical Delta. They also support each other in shaping the research programs and act as an ambassador for Medical Delta.

The Social Council serves as a discussion table for the Life Sciences & Health and Medical Technology clusters, holds a mirror from an ‘outside in’ perspective for the Medical Delta Board and advises on the content and course of Medical Delta. This Council also advises how technological solutions for sustainable care can actually be applied (valorisation). The Council aims to put the region on the map as a strong innovative engine through cooperation. Governments, Innovation Quarter, top sectors, health funds and healthcare institutions are represented in the Social Council.


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