Canceled: YOUNG Medical Delta Thesis Awards


Building 26, TU Delft Campus

18:30 - 22:00 uur

This event was canceled.

YOUNG Medical Delta connects students and young professionals who share a passion for medical technology and opens up new opportunities for them to explore. Technical innovation in healthcare is something we intend to stimulate and we want to encourage those talents who have a fresh perspective on current health challenges and possible solutions.

To promote this even more, we YOUNG Medical Delta is organizing a first autonomous event: the Young Medical Delta (YMD) Thesis Awards. 

There will be two categories: WO master & PhD. In each category, we will be awarding a prize of 250 euros for the best thesis in each category. The jury members are John van den Dobbelsteen (TU Delft) , Frank Willem Jansen (LUMC and TU Delft) and Irwin Reiss (Erasmus MC).

The nominees are:

RadboudUMC - Charlotte Kemp - Design of a needle control device for MRI-guided interventions
TUDelft - Hosana Cristina Morales - Bo - An intelligent network agent to promote physical activity in children with Congenital Heart Defects
TU Delft - Andrada Velea - Flexible Graphene-Based Passive and Active Spinal Cord Implants
TU Delft - Johnny Wang - Grey Matter Age Prediction as a Biomarker for Risk of Dementia

ErasmusMC - Inés Beekers - Local drug delivery by microbubbles
ErasmusMC - Jason van Voorneveld - High Frame Rate Ultrasound Velocimetry of Fast Blood Flow Dynamics
ErasmusMC - Willem van Weteringen - Noninvasive neonatal sepsis detection using miniaturized dynamic light scattering

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