e-healthweek 2020

With digital support in healthcare (e-health), people get easier access to healthcare and more insight into their health. Think video calling with your healthcare provider, renewing your prescription online, exercising with a training app or following the development of your baby during a pregnancy at home, while the gynecologist watches real-time from the hospital. Yet many Dutch people do not yet know enough what e-health can mean for them.

That is why ECP | Platform for the Information Society and a number of main partners from January 27 to February 1, 2020 organize the e-health week, for the fourth time. The website www.ehealthweek.net will be the central point of the e-health week again in 2020. Under the e-health week logo, participating organizations organize various activities aimed at their own target groups: employees, suppliers, patients, etc. There is therefore no central place where the e-health week takes place.

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