Kick off Rotterdam square


Erasmus MC, Rotterdam

11:00 - 12:15

On March 22nd, 2023, the official Kick Off of Rotterdam Square will take place.
Since last year's June, the Life Science & Health (LS010) breakfast has been "powered by Rotterdam Square," and now it's time for LSH010 to officially hand over the baton for the Life Sciences & Health sector in Rotterdam to Rotterdam Square.


10:30    Registration | Glen Schrijvers, moderator
11:00    Welcome by Rotterdam Square | Ellen Smit, Managing Director Rotterdam Square
11:05    A new phase: from LSH010 to Rotterdam Square | Robert Simons, Alderman for Port, Economy, Hospitality, and Governance & Deputy Mayor
11:10    Panel discussion – dialogue | Ernst Hoestra, Constantijn van Oranje, Varsha Thakoersing, Stefan Sleijfer
11:30    LSH010 Pitch – Gem from the City | LSH010 Company: Patrick van Luijk, BioCheck
11:35    LSH010 Pitch – Gem from the City | LSH010 Healthcare organization: Sade Faneyte, Maasstad Hospital
11:40    LSH010 Pitch – Gem from the City | LSH010 Investor: Douwe Jippes, Healthy Capital
11:45    From LSH010 to Rotterdam Square | Willem Mees van der Bijl, Dune Innovation
11:45    From LSH010 to Rotterdam Square | Where are we heading in Rotterdam and surroundings? | Ellen Smit
12.00    Official launch of Rotterdam Square
12.15    Wrap up & Networking lunch


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