Theme night | Sustainability as human, society and doctor


LUMC Leiden

17:30 - 22:00

Doctors are facing the effects of climate change on the health of their patients. Simultaneously, the healthcare sector itself has a significant impact on climate change. For example, healthcare is responsible for seven percent of the total annual Dutch CO2 emissions.

Doctors for sustainability

The KNMG districts join the widely felt urgency to make healthcare more sustainable and the recently published KNMG Code of Conduct, Core Rule 14:'As a doctor, you are aware of the relationship between health, climate and environment. You are committed to a sustainable healthcare sector and healthy living environment.'Therefore, under the motto 'doctors for sustainability', Green Week will be organized from May 8 to 14, 2023. During this week, the following questions are central:

  • What are the consequences of climate change for the health of our patients?
  • What influence can we collectively exert as doctors to reduce these adverse effects?
  • What can I myself, as an individual doctor, do to make healthcare more sustainable?

Theme night | Sustainability as human, society and doctor

In three interesting lectures with interactive discussion, we realize the usefulness and necessity of sustainability as human, society and doctor.


17.30   18.30 Walk-in with sandwiches and soup
18.30 18.45 Welcome
18.45 19.30 Nora van Gaal (AIOS M&G, Medical Environmental Science) talks about planetary health1
9.30 20.15 Elaine van Ee (master's student in medicine) has created an art exhibition about the plastic problem in the emergency room
20. 15 20.45 Break
20.45 21.45 Florian Dirkse (sailor and co-founder Ocean Cleanup) takes us on a sailing trip in the polluted oceans

This meeting is part of Green Week. View all meetings here.

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