TiiM-conference 2024



8:00 - 18:00

Technology and medicine have been inseparably connected for years. Medicine gratefully embraces increasingly modern techniques to provide the best treatment to individual patients. Innovations are emerging more frequently, many of which have unclear medical value and potential. Often, technological advancements outpace traditional evidence-based medicine. This creates a playing field between medicine and technology, research and education, laws and regulations, and the involvement of patients in their own healthcare process.

The Technical Innovations in Medicine (TiiM) Congress aims to bring together these topics and all involved professionals. It is the moment when technical medical professionals, innovators, and physicians connect with the industry and decision-makers in healthcare. The latest developments and the current state of affairs are highlighted and discussed, all from a medical-technical perspective.

The TiiM Congress takes place annually in the form of an interactive day with both plenary and parallel sessions, an innovation market, networking opportunities, and, of course, the presentation of the Vooijs Award.

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