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Living Lab Medical Delta Instruments

Technicians have many innovative ideas for new medical instruments, but often lack the knowledge on how to develop such instrument. Companies that develop medical instruments often have the issue to find the right clinician to provide feedback in the early stage of the developed instrument.

The Living Lab Medical Delta Instruments supports the development of high-quality prototypes, intended for pilots in patients. The focus is on instruments for minimally invasive interventions. The added value an instrument brings to a patient can be assessed in this Living Lab before any major investments are made in production resources and processes.

The Living Lab Medical Delta Instruments provide the following:

  • Development of Minimal Invasive instruments
  • A structures quality process during the development of prototypes
  • Evaluation of the usefulness via clinical pilots with patients
  • Acceleration of the innovation route

The services from the Living Lab also include support throughout the certification process (technical files, clinical protocols), based on knowledge and expertise gained from various ongoing projects. TU Delft, Erasmus MC, LUMC, AMC, Reinier de Graaf Hospital and LIS (Leiden Instrument makers School) collaborate in this Living Lab.

Contact person

Rosa van den Berg

06 83 64 90 44

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