Medical Delta PhD students and postdoc researchers about their research projects

Medical Delta finances more than 25 PhD students and Postdocs from the scientific programs. In a portrait series, a number of them talk about their research and its possible impact on healthcare, but also about cooperation within Medical Delta. Click on the articles below to read more about these young scientists and their research.

"Metabolic biomarkers have the potential to diagnose sepsis in premature babies more quickly and accurately"

"Light and sound can aid in the placement of stents"

"Ultimately, the goal is to develop antibiotics for tuberculosis with a lower risk of resistance"

”Ultra-fast ultrasound imaging has the potential to shorten waiting lists in hospitals and reduce costs”

"The ultimate goal is to enhance treatment options for patients with osteoarthritis"

"An innovation in the operating room is only successful if its impact on the way of working is taken into account"

“Scientific evidence can be used to determine the value of proton therapy and allocation of healthcare resources”

"The goal is to be able to anticipate on the clinical deterioration of a fetus rather than having to react to the reality."

"Medical Delta brings people from different disciplines together. That is the big advantage."

"Get in touch with the end user or doctor from the start, that makes multidisciplinary research fun"

"Patients can get so motivated that at some point we have to ask them to stop"

"By cooperating with the hospital we can make better use of research data, which makes me work more efficiently"

"Collaboration ensures that I can do effective research, which helps advance healthcare"

"If you're stuck, it helps to discuss your problem with people from different fields"

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