€750,000 for next phase Zorgtech innovation program

Friday, September 10, 2021

The Province of Zuid-Holland is making €750,000 available for the ZorgTech innovation program. This program supports businesses and healthcare organizations in Zuid-Holland with their development of innovative solutions to improve healthcare. 

ZorgTech is a joint program by MRDH, InnovationQuarter, Medical Delta, TNO and the province of Zuid-Holland.

The ZorgTech innovation program enables promising innovations to find their way to the healthcare sector more quickly. Many companies and care providers who are working on technological care solutions, experience obstacles in actually applying their solutions. This is a shame, because promising initiatives get lost. ZorgTech helps by connecting the right parties and supports companies in scaling up technological solutions through specific innovation projects.

Medical Delta is involved in the content and execution of the ZorgTech innovation program. In addition, various Medical Delta living labs play a role in consortiums within the innovation program. 

Start-up and boosting

Phase 1 was characterized by sector exploration and program design. In phase 2, the boosting phase financed by the MRDH, promising projects were supported with funding vouchers. A prerequisite is that a project consortium consists of at least one tech company and one healthcare organization, where possible supported by a municipality and/or a lab. So far, 13 projects have received a voucher.

Scaling up

Following the success of the previous phases, phase 3 has been launched. The Province of Zuid-Holland finances this phase with an investment of €750,000. Commissioner Meindert Stolk (Economy and Innovation): "Innovation is indispensable in solving social challenges such as healthcare. With this investment, we stimulate entrepreneurship, improve the quality of care and strengthen the competitive position of Zuid-Hollands care technology sector."

In order to make a greater social and economic impact, ZorgTech, in coordination with program partners and healthcare organizations, is applying a substantive focus. Phase 3 focuses on the themes 'Healthy Start' and 'Healthy Ageing'. In early 2022, new project collaborations can apply for vouchers within these themes. The phase runs until the end of 2022.

View the developments of the program here (in Dutch).


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