Hackathon Young Medical Delta: Breeding Ground for Innovative Solutions

Monday, February 19, 2024

After a weekend filled with co-creation, idea exchange, and inspiring keynotes, Team ADAPTTO emerged as the winner of the Young Medical Delta Hackathon 2024. Their project stood out for its unique approach to the outlined problem and the potential to make a real difference in the lives of people with cancer.

In interdisciplinary teams, students from various institutions worked tirelessly for a weekend on five practical cases, namely:

  • Accessibility of eHealth in low socio-economic position (SEP) groups
  • Reducing the use of environmentally damaging 'blue wrap' packaging for sterilization trays
  • Mental health in people with cancer
  • Automated prioritization system for radiology outcomes
  • The future of informal caregivers

Participating students were divided into interdisciplinary teams. In addition to working on their assignments, they were offered interesting presentations by Monique Tjon-A-Tsien, Karin Schrederhof, and Remco van Wijk. The weekend proved to be a fertile ground for innovative solutions for healthcare.

Here's a summary of all the cases

Team EVE - eHealth for Vulnerable Groups
Daria, Iustin, Valerie, and Casper from Team EVE took on the challenge of making eHealth more accessible to people with low socio-economic status. Their plan included implementing a chatbot to improve the eHealth guide and strategies for global dissemination.

Team Blue Seal - Sustainable Use of Blue Wrap
Team Blue Seal, consisting of Vladimir, Gayatri, Matteo, and Hidde, offered a simple yet effective solution to reduce waste production from the single-use of blue wraps.

Team Adaptto - Winners with a Visionary Approach
Mihkel, Wai Keung, Laura, and Ragini from Team Adaptto presented a project that particularly appealed to the jury. Their project ADAPTTO used AI to support the mental health and well-being of cancer patients. Their approach was not only innovative but also empathetic; they looked beyond the physical constraints of chemotherapy and proposed alternatives to spend quality time with loved ones. This "out-of-the-box" idea, combined with an impressive presentation and visuals, made them the narrow winners of the hackathon.

Team RadPrioScore - Prioritization in Radiology
Femke, Sander, Pankaj, and Eugenio from Team RadPrioScore came up with an easily integrable AI-driven system to determine the priority of radiological scans, which would promote more efficient patient care and enable urgent care to take place sooner.

Team ZenZone - Support for Informal Caregivers
Team ZenZone, with Avanti, Cesare, Pranau, and Martin, developed technology to assist informal caregivers, alleviating the physical and mental pressure of caring for their loved ones.

Each team brought something unique to the hackathon, driven by passion and the desire to address real problems. The feedback from the jury, consisting of Medical Delta professor Prof. Dr. Jenny Dankelman, Remco van Wijk, and Young Medical Delta chairman Nick White, was both enriching and guiding. They emphasized the importance of innovation, practical applicability, and the human aspect of healthcare.

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