Medical Delta Regenerative Medicine 4D expands educational offer with minor

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

In addition to research, the scientist of the scientific program Medical Delta Regenerative Medicine 4D: Generating complex tissues with stem cells and printing technology find each other in setting up interdisciplinary courses. An example is the minor ‘Regenerative Medicine; a Game Changer Technology‘ which will start in the coming academic year. This minor is taught at Erasmus MC in collaboration with TU Delft and LUMC and can therefore be seen as typical Medical Delta.

The minor starts on August 31, 2020 and lasts ten weeks. It is open to third-year bachelor students of Medicine, Clinical Technology and Nanobiology. Scientists from the Medical Delta Regenerative Medicine 4D program prof. Dr. Luc van der Laan and Dr. Monique Verstegen (both Erasmus MC) coordinate this minor. Prof. Dr. Gerjo van Osch (Erasmus MC, TU Delft), prof. Dr. Amir Zadpoor ​​(TU Delft), Dr. Bram van der Eerden (Erasmus MC), Dr. Roberto Narcisi (Erasmus MC) and Dr. Lidy Fratila-Apachitei (TU Delft) are involved as well; they teach about their expertise in this field.

Waiting list for Regenerative Medicine PhD course

The start of the minor is in line with the further interdisciplinary educational offer from the Medical Delta program. For example, Medical Delta Regenerative Medicine 4D researchers Van der Laan and Verstegen have been offering the PhD course "Stem Cells, Organoids, and Regenerative Medicine" for two years. This is offered under the banner of the MolMed research school and the MGC research school, to PhD students and other interested parties in the Netherlands and abroad. In the first year, the organisers thought it would be sufficient to organize this course every two years, but from the first year onwards, there was a waiting list. So now this course is organized for the third year in succession. In addition to lecturers from Erasmus MC, lecturers from TU Delft and LUMC are also involved in this course.

Regenerative Medicine Master course at TU Delft

Next to the minor and the PhD course, the TU Delft (3mE faculty) is providing the Master course “Regenerative Medicine” for the Biomedical Engineering Master program since three years. The course is organized by Dr. Lidy Fratila-Apachitei and prof. Dr. Amir Zadpoor (both from TU Delft) and focuses on understanding the role of biomaterials, cells, soluble factors and enabling technologies in the development of regenerative treatments for chronic diseases. In addition to lecturers from TU Delft, colleagues from Erasmus MC, including scientists from the Medical Delta Regenerative Medicine 4D program, as well as from LUMC are invited to teach in this interdisciplinary course. The course enables the students to join internships and graduation projects in various relevant laboratories from Erasmus MC and LUMC.

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