Research on stopping with smoking gets accelerated

Thursday, June 27, 2019

New research fundings have been assigned to four public-private scientific research projects in the field of early detection and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, including Medical Delta's eHealth & Self Management program.

A total amount of EUR 6.58 million has been made available by the Topsector LSH, NWO, ZonMW. the Hartstichting and the Ministry of Health, Wellbeing and Sports. The Dutch eScience Center will provide each project with support by eScience Engineers.

The Medical Delta program eHealth & selfmanagement for a healthy society, which is led by prof. dr. N. H. Chavannes is one of the selected programa. Smoking and a lack of physical movement are a major cause of cardiovascular diseases. The consortium led by prof. dr. N. H. Chavannes (Leiden University Medical Center) will use big data to develop a personalised an flexible virtual coach to support people that want to stop smoking. 

Het Medical Delta programma eHealth & Selfmanagement, onder leiding van prof. dr. N. H. Chavannes, is een van die programma's. Roken en weinig beweging werken hart- en vaatziekten in de hand. Het consortium onder leiding van prof. dr. N. H. Chavannes (Leiden University Medical Center) zal big data gebruiken om een gepersonaliseerde en flexibele virtuele coach te ontwikkelen die mensen ondersteunt bij het stoppen met roken.

Lees hier meer over het onderzoek en het toegekende geld.

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