Video: 'Face of Science' Patrick Tang talks about his research

Friday, April 28, 2023

Researcher in training Patrick Tang is one of the twelve 'Faces of Science' of the KNAW. Faces of Science is a network of PhD students from various disciplines throughout the Netherlands. These young scientists provide a glimpse into their research and their lives through blogs, vlogs, articles, and lectures.

Tang conducts research at Erasmus MC within the Medical Delta Cancer Diagnostics 3.0 scientific program: Big Data Science of in & ex vivo Imaging. He investigates how artificial intelligence and new MRI techniques can be used to more accurately irradiate and thus limit side effects.

In the video below, he talks about his research:

How does science work?

Faces of Science is intended for anyone who wants to know how science works in practice. They also provide a realistic picture for students who have to decide whether to pursue a career in science and for students in their final years of pre-university education who are faced with a choice of study. Faces of Science is a project of the KNAW, the Young Academy, and NEMO Knowledge Link, and is funded by the Lira Foundation.

Read more about Tang's participation in Faces of Science at Amazing Erasmus MC (NL).
Also, read about the NWO Mosaic 2.0 grant he received in 2022.

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