Vital Delta: Medical Delta’s journey towards vitality and health

A population that is physically, mentally and socially more vital and healthier; from young to old. That is what the program Vital Delta: Medical Delta's journey towards vitality and health strives for. The practice-oriented research program was set up by a consortium of the four universities of applied sciences within Medical Delta (Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Leiden University of Applied Sciences and Inholland University of Applied Sciences).

In the research program, citizens, students, clients, healthcare professionals and researchers work together with colleges, universities, healthcare institutions and companies. The interdisciplinary program improves the health and well-being of the population in the delta region of Leiden, The Hague and Rotterdam by promoting the development of innovative (technological) health solutions through practice-oriented research.

The eight-year program started in 2018 and focuses on four work packages:

Supported Vital focuses on the design, development and safe implementation of healthcare and welfare technology

Fysically Vital develops, evaluates and implements innovations to promote a healthy lifestyle among vulnerable target groups

Socially Vital stimulates and improves cooperation between professionals from the social and health domain in particular

Self Vital aims to let people take control of their own lives and health

The cooperation between healthcare, the social domain and technology is the starting point for each of these work packages. To ensure this, each work package is led by two lecturers from different universities of applied sciences and coordinated by a work package leader.

Vitale Delta receives a grant from the SIA Steering Body. In addition, Medical Delta and the four universities of applied sciences also contribute to the realization of the program. Read more at

scientific leaders

Dr. AnneLoes van Staa

Lector Transities in Zorg

Hogeschool Rotterdam

Contact person

Drs. Marijke Will-Janssen Senior Innovation Manager

+31 6 28824228

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