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Life expectancy is rising, the demand for care is growing and the cost of care is increasing. Aging, aging, loneliness and health disparities are issues that require a new and integrated approach. There is increasing attention for a broader approach to health, which includes well-being and factors such as living conditions, psychological complaints or, for example, stress.

The Healthy Society Hub aims to improve health and well-being among all sections of the population. Healthy Society does this with interdisciplinary scientific research on disease prevention and health, with the help of citizen participation and with personalized and digital health solutions, and by bringing together existing initiatives and solutions to create a powerful partnership.

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Scientific coordinator

Dr. Sandra van Dijk

Scientific Coordinator

Medical Delta

Contact person

Drs. Marijke Will-Janssen Senior Innovation Manager

+31 6 28824228


'The most important environment is your fellow human being'

Tackling debt with healthcare funds: 14 scientists offer their views on a healthier society for all

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Inspiration session Healthy Society with state, province and municipality delegations

Sandra van Dijk starts as scientific coordinator at Healthy Society

Medical Delta and Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Universities are jointly starting the ‘Healthy Society’ program

Scientific programs that contribute to Healthy Society

Living Labs that contribute to Healthy Society

Medical Delta and Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Universities are jointly starting the ‘Healthy Society’ program

The collaborating partners Medical Delta and Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Universities will start the program 'Healthy Society' in the fall of 2021. The interdisciplinary program focuses on health and prevention.

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