Innovation Program ZorgTech

Many companies and healthcare parties that come up with technological care solutions are struggling to find their way to the market. Not only financing is a stumbling block on the road to upscaling, certification requirements and the complex landscape of insurers, governments, healthcare providers and users are also barriers. And that's a shame, because healthcare is facing major challenges. Technological solutions play an important role in improving the solutions and keeping them affordable.

The ZorgTech innovation program is one of the options for enabling promising innovations to find their way to healthcare faster. Medical Delta is one of the partners behind this innovation program.

Vouchers for healthcare innovation projects

A total of € 600,000 is available for 15 to 20 innovation projects. Technology companies, labs or healthcare organizations can claim this. When they receive funding, they also receive project support and promotion from the program.

From April 2020 to February 2021, companies, labs or healthcare institutions can submit a project proposal. All three parties (company, lab and care organization) must be represented in each project. The program offers support in the case of missing partners.

For more information and the possibility to register, please contact Marijke Will-Janssen.

Contact person

Marijke Will-Janssen Innovation Manager

+31 6 28824228

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