Living Labs

Creating real-life experimental environments

One important way in which the Medical Delta network seeks to encourage and accelerate innovation within the healthcare sector is by setting up ‘Living Labs’.

These provide experimental, real-life settings, either physical or digital, in which major stakeholders can develop and test new ideas in partnership with end-users. These ideas can then be implemented on a small scale, prior to full-scale launch. In this way, Living Labs deliver concrete, marketable innovations in the form of products, services, social initiatives, organisational solutions and so on.

The partners in Medical Delta – businesses, knowledge institutions, healthcare providers and regional governments – are currently working to establish a system of joint Living Labs. These will focus on a number of key themes, including clinical technology, rehabilitation, independent living, and healthy lifestyle and prevention. Our region already has a number of well-established and newer labs with excellent growth potential. They could benefit greatly from collaboration and from sharing best practices. The Medical Delta partners are therefore providing expertise, facilities and manpower to help them develop a professional approach that will make them leaders both in the Netherlands and Europe as a whole. 

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