Medical Delta Fieldlab Phenomix

In Medical Delta Fieldlab Phenomix, companies, healthcare institutions and scientists work together on the practical applications of metabolomics research, which is research into metabolic products. By measuring metabolic products such as amino acids, hormones, glucose or adrenaline, it is possible to create a good picture of a person’s current health. Through the resulting ‘metabolic profiles’, doctors can make diagnoses earlier or make a personal treatment plan.

In metabolomics, scientists study the unique chemical fingerprints that specific metabolic processes leave in the body. This type of knowledge can help healthcare move towards prevention or early treatment. Metabolomics can also play a major role in the agriculture and food industries. The new Fieldlab provides scientists with an open innovation setting where they can tackle projects in both healthcare and business.

Translation to market, healthcare and society

The scientists at Leiden University and Erasmus MC who collaborate within Medical Delta on metabolomics research are highly regarded internationally, as are the companies and care institutions in the region. As a result, the Fieldlab has the potential to become an international hotspot for the application of metabolomics. The ambition for the Fieldlab is to further stimulate the establishment of companies from the pharmaceutical, agricultural and food industries, thereby accelerating the realization of a metabolomics ecosystem. One of the goals is that every Dutch person can obtain a metabolic profile when they need it.

The scientists working together at the Fieldlab come from different disciplines, and the Fieldlab builds on Medical Delta's scientific program ‘METABOLDELTA’. Leiden University and Erasmus MC participate in the Fieldlab together with various companies from the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. It is located at the Leiden Bio Science Park and is being established with an EFRO subsidy. InnovationQuarter and Medical Delta, among others, are involved in setting up and expanding the Fieldlab.

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Contact person

Lian van Amerongen Innovation Manager

+31 6 38316130

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