Medical Delta Living Lab Better In Better Out

The fitter patients are when they enter a cancer treatment process, the bigger their chance of a faster recovery. It is therefore beneficial to investigate which lifestyle interventions are most effective for cancer patients. In addition, technology can help patients become fit and maintain their fitness before and during their treatment.

Medical Delta Living Lab Better In Better Out focuses on researching and developing e-health applications and technologies that improve the fitness of patients with cancer.

Customization and cooperation are necessary for faster recovery

How patients can become and keep themselves as fit as possible depends on many factors, such as their lifestyle, their individual needs and the care available from professionals and caregivers. Collaboration in the chain of care is important here. In hospitals, for example, a diverse group of healthcare professionals such as nurses, dieticians and physiotherapists are involved in getting and keeping patients with cancer fit. Therefore, good coordination between patients and healthcare professionals is necessary. Medical Delta Living Lab Better In Better Out works with everyone involved to develop an integrated lifestyle program healthcare professionals can use to properly guide their patients.

At Medical Delta Living Lab Better In Better Out, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, HMC Anthoniushove and the University Cancer Center Leiden-The Hague work together with companies, healthcare professionals and patients on technological solutions for healthcare. The Living Lab also works on a project basis with researchers from academic knowledge institutions, including TU Delft and Maastricht University.

The Medical Delta Living Labs form a crucial link in the healthcare innovation chain. They test the promising technological healthcare solutions of companies and care institutions with healthcare professionals and patients in real-life environments. Practical questions form the foundation for the public-private projects that the Living Labs take on. The interdisciplinary nature of the work is characteristic of the Living Labs’ approach: health lecturers collaborate with technology lecturers from other universities of applied sciences. They conduct their research together with end users, healthcare institutions and companies, and through this collaboration, the Living Labs have a social and economic impact on the region. The Living Labs also provide a bridge to research carried out at Medical Delta's academic knowledge institutions.

Living Lab Leader

Dr. Joost van der Sijp

Lector Oncologische Zorg

De Haagse Hogeschool

Assia Kraan

Living Lab Coördinator

De Haagse Hogeschool

Contact person

Marijke Will-Janssen Innovation Manager

+31 6 28824228


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