Medical Delta Living Lab Rehabilitation Technology

Medical Delta Living Lab Rehabilitation Technology

In the Medical Delta Living Lab Rehabilitation Technology, innovations contributing to intensive home rehabilitation are developed to facilitate a faster transition from hospital to rehabilitation center to home environment. In this living lab innovations in robotics, sensor technology will ideally lead to increasing mobility and self-reliance of patients. 
The Medical Delta Living Lab Rehabilitation Technology offers various testing and implementation facilities within the Rijndam Rehabilitation Center, Sophia Rehabilitation Center and Rijnlands Rehabilitation Center. These facilities enable users  to develop, test and implement technological innovations in a realistic rehabilitation environment.  The Living Lab contributes directly to the improvement of rehabilitation care and the strengthening of the business climate in the Medical Delta region.

The Living Lab Rehabilitation Technology provides the following:

  • Robotics, sensor technology and e-Rehabilitation to improve the body functions
  • Developing innovation for intensive home rehabilitation
  • Improving mobility and self-reliance of patients
  • Facilitating a faster transition from rehabilitation center or hospital to home.

The University of Applied Sciences the Hague, TU Delft, LUMC, Erasmus MC, Sophia Rehabilitation Center, Rijndam Rehabilitation Center and the Rijnlands Rehabilitation Center collaborate in the Living Lab.

Contact person

Renger van Dasselaar Trainee

Project in the spotlight: SenseGlove - glove for virtual reality rehabilitation

The SenseGlove is a glove full of pressure points that patients can use to perform hand rehabilitation exercises. This happens in a Virtual Reality (VR) environment, so that patients can work on their rehabilitation without the permanent supervision of a therapist. Recently a test project has been completed. Read more here about the results of this test project and the prospects for future applications.

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