National eHealth Living Lab (NeLL)

Medical Delta Living Lab NeLL

The National eHealth Living Lab (NeLL) focuses on the future healthcare, with eHealth as the key player. To be able to include digital healthcare in the current healthcare system, the NeLL enables scientific research in the validation and evaluation of eHealth to proof the use of digital healthcare and its implementations. 

Furthermore, NeLL combines all the activities of eHealth. News, knowledge and insights are actively shared, as also the results from the studies, research and collaborations done in the network. 

New insights are obtained by promoting different people to collaborate in the network. This is done by sharing knowledge and expertise, and by inspiring each other to find together the best possible results achievable. The NeLL provides opportunities to it network to regularly meet each other during brainstorm sessions and network meetings. 

The Living Lab NeLL provides the following possibilities:

  • Validation and evaluation of eHealth applications
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Brainstorm and network sessions

At NeLL patients, healthcare provides, consumers, students, researches, entrepreneurs, organisations and institutes work on the healthcare of tomorrow. 

For more information visit the website of NeLL

Contact person

Rosa van den Berg

06 83 64 90 44

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