Annual symposium Young Medical Delta focussing on cooperation Medical Delta Regenerative Medicine

Friday, December 11, 2020

New and fresh insights, better embedding in clinical practice and knowledge and methodology sharing: interdisciplinary scientific collaboration can be very profitable. But to do so, one needs to take time to collaborate, understand each other's language and set common interests and goals. Having fun with each other and talking informally every now and then is also important, as came up at the Young Medical Delta Annual Symposium.

The theme of the symposium was the successful collaboration within the scientific program Medical Delta Regenerative Medicine 4D. In scientific research in the field of bioprinting or in the analysis of disease models, biologists, engineers and doctors need each other to take big steps.

Despite the fact that it was largely an online event, the symposium turned out to be a varied and lively meeting. Moderator Prof. Dr. Luc van der Laan walked the participants through the various opportunities and challenges of interdisciplinary research, as the speakers showed what could be the benefits. The evening ended with a panel discussion in which the audience asked questions about interdisciplinary collaboration.

For more information about the symposium and the speakers’ presentations, please send an email to

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