Innovation Program ZorgTech has started

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Innovation Program ZorgTech has started. Starting April, vouchers are available for Dutch project consortia that want to implement technological solutions for healthcare, such as products and systems for diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment or relief of diseases. The project consortia can use the vouchers to investigate the feasibility of their healthcare innovations or to test their solution in a practical environment; crucial steps to enter the healthcare market. The ZorgTech innovation program wants promising technological solutions to find their way to healthcare faster.

Partnerships consisting of at least one company, a care organization and a field, living or innovation lab can apply for the vouchers. Individual parties can also express their interest; the innovation program helps them to find suitable partners where possible, to submit a joint application.

The vouchers will be available until the end of March 2021, or as long as budget is available. The innovation program explicitly takes into account that many healthcare organizations currently have different priorities due to the corona virus than taking up innovation projects. Consortia that are delayed by this can make this known to the program team. Part of the available budget will remain available to participate in the innovation program later in the year.

Accelerate market entry

The Zuid-Holland region has many companies and healthcare parties that develop technological solutions for healthcare. They find it difficult to find their way in the complex landscape of insurers, governments, healthcare providers and healthcare customers. Certification also often forms a barrier to applying innovations. Meanwhile health care faces major challenges. Technological solutions can play an important role in this. For example, by realizing care remotely, a development that has accelerated due to the corona crisis.

The ZorgTech innovation program focuses on more cooperation between companies, healthcare institutions and field, living or innovation labs. With network meetings on sector-wide themes such as cybersecurity, the innovation program enables companies, care organizations and field, living or innovation labs to gain and exchange knowledge. The program also maps the care technology ecosystem in the Zuid-Holland region with the aim to bring parties together.

Widely supported program

Partners of the program are the metropolitan region of Rotterdam The Hague (MRDH), the province of Zuid-Holland, TNO, InnovationQuarter and Medical Delta; the implementation is in the hands of InnovationQuarter and Medical Delta. The ZorgTech innovation program is funded in this phase by the 23 municipalities in the MRDH. €900,000 has been made available. The innovation program involves various healthcare organizations, field, living or innovation labs, governments and the business community.

Submitting now possible

Are you developing a technological care innovation, are you a care organization looking for technological support or do you offer a good test environment as a field, living or innovation lab? Look here for more information and request a voucher!

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