Medical Delta programming 2024-2029 takes shape in working sessions

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

How can we contribute to solving 'wicked problems' in healthcare? Which new transdisciplinary collaborations in innovation and health have the potential to grow, and what could be their possible impact on society? Based on a new new mission, vision, and strategy, Medical Delta issued a call for new ideas and collaborations.

Medical Delta received over 50 program proposals. This month, almost all initiatives presented their plans during two working sessions. It forms the basis for the new programming of Medical Delta, the collaboration between universities, colleges, healthcare institutions, and governments.

Catalyst Funding

There was no shortage of fresh ideas and promising proposals, as evidenced during the working sessions. The initiatives pitched their plans, after which ideas were exchanged at tables, leading to interesting discussions and potential new, transdisciplinary collaborations.

With catalyst funding, Medical Delta aims to advance some of these consortia. Additionally, it aims to support several initiatives in innovation management, matchmaking, networking opportunities, and communication support. In doing so, Medical Delta will further build a strong health & innovation ecosystem in the South Holland region over the coming years.

Further Development

The nineteen consortia that best meet the pre-established criteria have been asked by Medical Delta this week to develop their program outlines into full-fledged proposals. Earlier, eight prospective Medical Delta Living Labs were informed that they could further develop their plans. An external review committee will assess these proposals and provide any necessary adjustments. Upon approval from the Medical Delta board, they will receive catalyst funding and/or support from the Medical Delta office.

"I am pleased to see so many innovative plans that can tangibly support our healthcare," said Medical Delta chairman Frank Willem Jansen. "We evaluated the program outlines based on criteria such as the degree of transdisciplinary collaboration, the potential impact on healthcare, and the growth potential. The offering was extensive and substantively strong. Although we cannot fund everything, I see it as an encouragement and a start to continue seeking collaboration."

The new programming is expected to begin in the fall of 2024. The programs will focus on so-called 'Societies' and will address 'Care', 'Prevention', 'Transformation', and 'Greening'. Scientific research, implementation, and co-creation with end users are important pillars therein.

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