Minor Regenerative Medicine started

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Despite changes to the program due to Covid-19 restrictions, the new minor ‘Regenerative Medicine; A Game Changer Technology’ started energetically. This interdisciplinary minor of TU Delft, LUMC and Erasmus MC started this academic year by scientists from the Medical Delta Regenerative Medicine 4D program, among others.

Twelve enthusiastic third-year Bachelor's students of Medicine, Nanobiology and Clinical Technology were first taught the basic principles of regenerative medicine, such as embryonic development, what exactly stem cells are and how they are used in research and medical applications. This was followed by theme weeks in which a body part was discussed every week and how regenerative medicine can contribute to solving medical questions. In the coming period, the students will be working with 3D printers.

Research proposal

The main assignment in this minor is an assignment in which students work in groups of two or three on a research proposal that focuses on regenerative medicine and related technology. The ethical aspects and valorisation of findings are also part of this.

“The students show much enthusiasm during the interactive online lunch breaks and the concluding weekly discussions,” say minor coordinators dr. Monique Verstegen and prof. dr. Luc van der Laan (Erasmus MC). “Although the lectures are given online, we try to give a live demonstration or practical every week. We hear that this is appreciated. ”

The minor will conclude in a few weeks with an exam and a mini-symposium in which the students present their research proposal.

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