First requests for innovation program ZorgTech

Friday, April 24, 2020

A few weeks after the official start, the first thirteen applications for the innovation program ZorgTech have been received. A diverse group of consortia is looking for testing opportunities for their healthcare innovation. Their applications will be assessed in the coming weeks. Medical Delta is one of the partners behind this innovation program, together with InnovationQuarter, MRDH, the province of Zuid-Holland and TNO.

Various other initiatives have also indicated that they want to submit an application. As a result of COVID-19, it is difficult for healthcare institutions in particular to be able to cooperate in the short term. The innovation program therefore explicitly takes into account that many healthcare organizations currently have other priorities than picking up innovation projects due to the corona virus. Consortia that are delayed by this, can make this known to the program team. Part of the budget will remain available for these consortia, so they can participate in the innovation program later in the year.

Entering the healthcare market

Starting from April, vouchers are available for project consortia that want to implement technological solutions for healthcare, such as products and systems for diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment or relief of diseases. The project consortia can use the vouchers to investigate the feasibility of their healthcare innovations or to test their solution in a practical environment; crucial steps to enter the healthcare market. The ZorgTech innovation program wants promising technological solutions to find their way to healthcare faster.

The vouchers can be requested by partnerships consisting of at least one company, a care organization and a field, living or innovation lab. Individual parties can also express their interest; the innovation program helps them to find suitable partners to submit a joint application.

The vouchers will be available through March 2021, or as long as budget is available. More information can be found here.

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