Medical Delta Professors

Our Medical Delta professors are appointed to at least two of the five academic institutions represented within Medical Delta (TU Delft, Erasmus MC, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Leiden University and LUMC). The professors who receive this appointment are committed to interdisciplinary research in the field of health & technology.

Portrait series new Medical Delta professors

Portrait and video Jaap Harlaar: "This form of collaboration is in my blood"

Portrait and video Gerjo van Osch: “This chair gives me an extra push”

Portrait and video Natasja de Groot: "I now feel a responsibility to connect people”

Portrait and video Mischa Hoogeman: “Create a collaborative community”

Portrait and video Andrea Evers: "I find it important to look for new ways"

Portrait and video Wouter Serdijn: "It is in the shared fascination with the problem that we find each other"

Portrait and video Andrew Webb: "In The Netherlands, people are much more open to cooperation"

Portrait and video Marcel Reinders: "Collaboration is necessary to create real impact”

Portrait series new Medical Delta professors - Marco van Vulpen: "I advocate the introduction of the share factor"

Medical Delta Professors

Goossens Richard 01

Prof. dr. ir. Richard Goossens

TU Delft & Erasmus MC

Dankelman Jenny 03

Prof. dr. Jenny Dankelman

TU Delft  & LUMC

Hankemeier Thomas 01

Prof. dr. Thomas Hankemeier

Universiteit Leiden & Erasmus MC

Steen Van Der Ton 01

Prof. dr. ir. Ton van der Steen

Erasmus MC & TU Delft

Jansen Frank Willem 03

Prof. dr. Frank Willem Jansen

LUMC & TU Delft

Niessen Wiro 4

Prof. dr. Wiro Niessen

Erasmus MC & TU Delft

Lelieveld Boudewijn 01

Prof. dr. ir. Boudewijn Lelieveldt

LUMC & TU Delft

Nelissen Rob 02

Prof. dr. Rob Nelissen

LUMC & TU Delft

Helm Van Der Frans 02

Prof. dr. Frans van der Helm

TU Delft & LUMC

Jong De Nico 02

Prof. dr. ir. Nico de Jong

TU Delft & Erasmus MC

Vliet Van Lucas 01

Prof. dr. ir. Lucas van Vliet

TU Delft & Universiteit Leiden

Evers Andrea 1

Prof. dr. Andrea Evers

Universiteit Leiden, Erasmus Universiteit & Erasmus MC

Osch Van Gerjo 03

Prof. dr. Gerjo van Osch

Erasmus MC & TU Delft

Serdijn Wouter 03

Prof. dr. ir. Wouter Serdijn

TU Delft & Erasmus MC

Groot De Natasja 01

Prof. dr. Natasja de Groot

Erasmus MC & TU Delft

Harlaar Jaap 03

Prof. dr. ir. Jaap Harlaar

TU Delft, LUMC & Erasmus MC

Vulpen Van Marco 4

Prof. dr. Marco van Vulpen

LUMC, TU Delft & Erasmus MC

Webb Andrew 4 (1)

Prof. dr. Andrew Webb

LUMC & TU Delft

Marcel Reinders 2883

Prof. dr. ir. Marcel Reinders

TU Delft & LUMC

Mischa Hoogeman 2832

Prof. dr. Mischa Hoogeman

Erasmus MC & TU Delft

Marileen Dogterom 2914

Prof. dr. Marileen Dogterom

TU Delft & Universiteit Leiden

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